Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Things About Me

It's that time again.  Where I let you know things about me that you may not have already known.  That you may not care to know.  That you may wish you could unlearn.

1. I loathe tennis shoes.  They are so uncomfortable.  Too constraining.  My feet feel claustrophobic.  And usually if I am in them long enough, my feet hurt.  Everyone tries to help me with this--suggesting they are too small, too old, need a new brand.  But nothing I try makes me like them more.

2. I am a sympathetic crier.  Especially if I see a man tear up.  It has been difficult in some counseling sessions where my client is crying and I know I need to hold it together.  I just want to cry with them.
3.  I always brush my teeth in warm water.  Cold water just makes me feel like I'm  not really cleaning my teeth.

4.  I have specific pens that are used for specific purposes.  Don't mess with my pens.  It may appear as if I have 10 pens and I won't miss one if you "borrow" it, but I will know.

5.  I don't own a pair of non-GAP underwear.  They are my favorite.  The closest GAP Body is near my mom, so at least once a year, we make a trip to Woodfield so I can restock.

6.  I can't bear to get rid of pictures from frames.  So, I either buy new frames or I have a stack of pictures behind the current one in any given frame or I never replace a picture.

 Top and bottom are examples of stacks of photos.  Although, the picture showing in the frames is also kind of old.  In the top, the pictures date back to when Josh was probably 3 or 4.  In the bottom right picture, Alicia and I are in college.

 Top and bottom pictures are examples of pictures I cannot cover up, even though I know they are outdated.  Top is Daynah and Josh, now 20 and 16.  Bottom is Josh and I at Daynah's 8th grade graduation.  Partly I love the picture.  Partly I keep it because I'm taller than he is in the picture!
7. The sound of a can of soda being opened is one of the most satisfying sounds to my ears.  And often makes me crave a Dr. Pepper.

8. I sleep with 2 fans on at night for noise.  However, as soon as I wake up, the noise of the fans annoys me and the first thing I do is turn them off.

9. I often get symmetrical pimples on my face.  I would take a picture, but really, who wants to see that!

10.  I almost always let out an involuntary sigh when I turn my light off and settle into bed at night.

There you have it.  10 new things about me that you maybe didn't really want to know. :)

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