Friday, May 14, 2010

Day One of my Vacation

Here are the things I accomplished today (some productive, some not so productive)
1. Stayed in bed until 9:15
2. Laid on the couch and read a book until I finished it somewhere between 11 and 12
3. Spent an hour with the Lord
4. Spent a lot of time on FB and returning/sifting through emails
5. Did the dishes
6. Put away my clean laundry from Tuesday
7. Finished paperwork (I know, but it couldn't wait until Wednesday or I wouldn't have remembered what I did with my clients)
8. Paid some bills and wrote a couple notes
9. Returned something to Target
10. Shopped at Target...including buying 2 bathing suits
11. Went to Dad and Amy's to try the bathing suits on for Amy (decided to keep 1 1/2--two tops, one bottom)
12. Arrived at Dad and Amy's just in time for dinner. Score!
13. Played a game of euchre with Dad, Amy, and Daynah
14. Played a game of Hand and Foot with Dad, Amy, and Josh
15. Began some beauty mask and painted toenails (bought a new color at Target)
16. Going to start another book in a minute :)
17. And I blogged twice in one day!

A successful start to my mini vacation!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Love the "score" on # 12. Sounds like a busy "day one"