Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stirrer and Dumper

Last night I helped Kari make chex mix for Kelli and Peter's wedding for about 3 hours. There were 4 of us for most of the evening. We had a rough start trying to decide what a good system would be. First, we all tried making our own batches, which requires several steps. We quickly learned that this was not going to be the most efficient way to do things. Being the smart girls that we are, we decided to do an assembly line. Kinsey made the dry mix. Kari made the wet mix. Emily and I combined the dry and wet mixes and were in charge of cooking the mixes in the microwave. This involved having two microwaves each and microwaving the chex mix for two minutes at a time for six minutes, stirring in between. We each became very adept at our individual tasks. Well, except me, I couldn't seem to stir without getting some on the counter or floor. Kinsey's job was the quickest, so she also became the sweeper and general cleaner-upper. Once the chex mix was done cooking it went on paper towels to cool (thus the dumping part of the title). Oh, and then once it was cooled, it got dumped into a huge rubbermaid container for the next job of filling individual containers with the mix (a job for other people on a different day). When I got home from church, I reeked of chex mix. And I mean reeked. At least it wasn't as gross of a smell as stale cigarette smoke or 8 cats in a one bedroom apartment (that's what I normally smell like on Thursday after work).

And let the five day weekend officially begin... Well, sort of. I technically need to do this evenings paperwork sometime tomorrow, but lets not get technical! :)


Mom said...

When there is a big project to do, it is always nice to have friends pitch in to help. Sounds like a fun time!

Ann said...

Sounds like Chexmixapalooza was a success! You are all good friends to help out.