Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pain = No Gain?

I can't decide if it's a good thing that I can't stand or sit without clenching my teeth and holding my breath. Or that I have to talk myself into moving before I actually do it.

Yesterday I decided to enter into the land of the exerciser again. Stupid exercise tape! :) I got through it yesterday and woke up feeling somewhat sore, but my goal was to complete the tape again today. So I did it. But now I can't move.

I started thinking about the saying "No pain, no gain." But considering I am exercising so I don't gain weight, I figured the better saying should be "Pain, hopefully no gain." We'll have to see.

Last night before I left the apartment to hang out with some friends, I cracked my window so that it would cool off for bedtime. I was driving home thinking it would probably be somewhere in the mid fifties in my room. Ummm, no. It was 48 degrees! I can't really say I minded. I did close the window. But it still felt wonderful to curl up under an extra blanket and drift off into peaceful slumber! Crazy, I know!

Okay, off to find something for lunch, but I have to steel myself, get some momentum up, use the table as a brace to push myself up. Hmmm...maybe I should browse a little longer :)

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Ann said...

Good for you for working out! I need to do the same, esp. with all the holiday food around! :O