Monday, October 7, 2013

Another great roommate conversation

Emily was gone on a rafting/repelling trip for four days, so we spent some time catching up.  Part of that time was me trying on my new clothes that I bought on Friday.  I branched out a little bit and bought some jeans that are not boot cut, so that I could actually be in style with the new pair of boots I bought (I prefer to wear by jeans over my boots, even if the style is to wear them inside the boots now).  Here is the end of our conversation about that:

Me: Sometimes its good to embrace new things.
Emily: I know!  That's why I went white water rafting!
Me: I bought a new pair of jeans.

That's my version of extreme, folks! :)  I was telling the story to a coworker and she said that my clients would say I was stylin' this fall.  I said they might even say I joined this century.  She said it wasn't true because I still have a flip phone.  Baby steps...

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