Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beth Moore LPL Conference

Friday and Saturday I was able to attend the Living Proof Live event in Springfield. I was excited because this was my first opportunity to see Beth Moore in person. Even though I have been doing her Bible studies since I was in college, lived in the south most of my life, worked at LifeWay for 4 1/2 years, and lived in Texas for 3 1/2 years.   It was a great weekend!
Above is a picture of Travis Cottrell.  He leads the worship for the Living Proof Live events.  Our seats for the first night were right on the floor where everyone came and went.  So, this picture is not zoomed at all.  Kind of cool. :)
Beth Moore spoke on the life of John Mark.  We read every passage where he was mentioned and then learned that even though he and Paul had a disagreement, he eventually went on to write the gospel of Mark. 
At the end of the night, Beth was exiting the arena when she saw Baby Hope.  I had the privilege of sharing a room with Baby Hope, Jenny (her mom), Carol (her grandma), and Becky (her aunt).  Beth stopped to oooh and aaaah over the baby.  We laughed and said that Baby Hope will always be able to say she was kissed by Beth Moore because right after this picture was taken, Beth gave her a sweet kiss on the forehead.  Hope, unfortunately, slept through it all.
Saturday morning, Beth continued her talk on the life of John Mark.  Many things over the weekend hit home for me, but the point that I have been mulling over since yesterday is whether I am a Breach Breaker or a Breach Builder.  When I have a disagreement with someone, do I seek to reconcile the breach created by the disagreement?  Or do I build the breach by trying to get people on my side, gossip about the disagreement, etc.?  I'm afraid that I too often fall into the category of being a Breach Builder.
My favorite thing about Beth Moore is how animated she is.  You see this in her video studies as well.  But in person it is great!  I also learned that it is very easy, because of how animated she is, to take unflattering pictures of her.  Poor thing probably has a lot of those floating around.  I tried to pick pictures to put on my blog that weren't too bad.
And I also love how down to earth she is.  As she was talking, she just sat on the stage for a few minutes and talked to all 6800 of us that were attending as if we were sitting in her living room!

It was a great weekend and I am very glad I was finally able to hear her in person!

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