Monday, October 21, 2013

Technology is not my friend

If you guys have ever really wondered why...
I still have a flip phone...
I still record TV shows on the VCR...

It's because technology is not my friend.  I really shouldn't have to justify it any more than that.

Communicating with tech guys is almost impossible.  Because even when they simplify their questions/answers, I still feel like I am speaking to someone who is speaking another language. 

My computer sort of crashed almost two weeks ago.  Which is why you haven't heard much from me.  I've been using Emily's computer for the essentials, but haven't really felt the need to stay connected as much as I would if I was on my own computer.  Then our Internet stopped working for a few days.

I kind of feel like the Technology Gremlin has attacked me and won't leave.  We even lost the cord for our printer.  At work today, after printing for most of the morning, my computer decided to stop printing because there was no communication with a printer.  Everyone else working around me could print.  I just laughed because, really, what else is there to do.  Luckily, logging off and then back on helped that problem.  I'm going to go back to communicating by pen and paper.  And snail mail.  It was simpler then. :) computer is with a friend, hopefully getting fixed.  The Internet is working again.  I'm still recording TV shows on the VCR.  And I still own a flip phone.  No new technology changes for me right now.  I think it might be a disaster.

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