Monday, October 27, 2014

Leaves and other fall activities

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. I was looking back through past years, and apparently, posting fall pictures is normal for me. Which is funny, simply because I don't remember ever doing it! One of my posts was about how fall is like fireworks--you can never tell what is your favorite color. And this year is just the same!
This is a tree that is by my church.  When I passed it last week, the above picture is what it looked like.  And I was amazed and in awe!  And then I passed it again this week and the picture below is what it looks like.  I still can't decide if I like the reds better than the yellows.  Either way, it is a spectacular tree!

These two trees (above and below) are ones at my apartment complex.  Overall, I think the red trees are my favorite, in general.  But the yellow trees glow, so I can't decide!

This top tree is one I saw while out and about for work.  It was distracting me and I couldn't help but take a picture.
And then I went for a drive along Grandview Drive.  One of my favorite places, regardless of the season.  I think I went a little early this year, because many of the trees have so much green on them still.  Hopefully I can get back before the leaves all fall.

I love the sailboat on the water!

And a perspective shot through a couple of trees, This is my "artsy" side kicking in, if you can even call it that.
Saturday evening I was able to enjoy another one of my fall favorites: bonfires.  Ben hosted another bonfire at his house.  You can't tell from the first picture, but this fire is huge.  I tried to get some perspective shots later.

Such as these two, where Ben is pushing the brush with his tractor to get the fire even bigger.

And this one, with Kari standing close enough to roast a marshmallow.
And lastly, the embers shooting into the sky.

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