Friday, November 14, 2014

Speaking of selfies with little kids

The night before I left for Texas, I was able to use hang out with family.  I really only went up to their house because my ticket was way cheaper from Chicago then Peoria.  But they were a very fun bonus to my trip (even if my brother might not agree that a 5:00am wake up call and ride to the airport was "fun").  Close to bedtime, I was laying in bed with my mom.  When I visit, John has a sleepover with Mom so that I can have a room to myself.  Apparently, John does not like anyone else lying by Grandma, because he quickly squeezed in between us when he saw me in the bed.  So then we took a picture, which turned into a 20 minute photo shoot. :)

Pretending to sleep. John is much more convincing then Mom and I, isn't he?

Funny faces.
More pretending to sleep.

And look at the face above.  Definitely up to no good.
Let the silly faces commence!
The creepy one eye in the corner.  And I think Mom is really trying to sleep at this point!  No more pretending for her.
Punching the scary one eye in the corner!
So many faces...
I love when I get to spend time with him.  Even if he would rather play video games or watch TV then do something with me!  Because precious moments like this are what being an aunt is all about!

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