Saturday, November 1, 2014


One of the saddest things about living so far away from friends is that they have babies that you don't always get to meet right away. One of the things that made me stop procrastinating and make a trip to Texas is the fact that Hannah is 19 months old and I had never met her. So she was a delightful little highlight of my trip. And even more so, because the last time I saw Clare and Lucy, they were about Hannah's age!
More funny face selfies.  It might be an addiction of mine.  But only with children involved.  Hopefully I won't just start taking funny face selfies of myself!
Some after dinner entertainment.  Smooshing her face against the glass.
It's just hard not to smile when she is so excited about seeing herself on camera.
Reading books.
Look at all that hair.  And chubby cheek cuteness.
Looking at an airplane.
And tracking it through the sky.

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