Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bundling up for the Cold

So, here is the thing about the cold.  And it is super cold today.  School was cancelled because of the cold.

The first dilemma is whether you dress for the cold outside or the heat inside.

Today I decided to dress for the cold outside.  And then I proceeded to sweat much of the day.

Second, is that I can layer lots on the top but not at all on the bottom.  I am not wearing long underwear that can't come off later.  Top layers can come off easier when you're inside.

Third, when I wear a scarf I feel like I can't turn my head in the car.  And I get a little claustrophobic because I don't like things around my neck.  But my supervisor made me a really cool scarf that I want to wear while it is cold enough for me to wear a scarf.

Who else has dilemmas for bundling up for the cold?

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