Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I pooped on the potty, though!

If that title doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will.  But, if you are around me at all, I just want to warn you, this might become my new catchphrase!

Tonight I was meeting with my 3 year old client (don't get me started on how I do counseling with a 3 year old, because that is definitely the topic of another post).  I met with her foster parents for a little while, and they were telling me that they have been struggling with potty training.  However, she has started going to the bathroom at preschool and daycare, just not at home.  So she told us no less than 50 times tonight that she pooped on the potty at school today.  The foster father also told me that she tries to use it to get out of trouble for other things.  I didn't really believe him until I saw her do it.

Dad: Please don't throw that.
Client: I pooped on the potty though!

It's become her standard refrain. As if her punishment will be lessened for doing something completely unrelated to potty training.  The best part is when she throws in the "though."  I laughed so hard, even though I shouldn't have because she was sitting right there.

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