Monday, January 12, 2015

Recycling and Automatic Appliances

I find it interesting that in a recycling world, we all have the things we are passionate about but don't think about other things.

For example, I don't recycle (as in have a recycle bin in my apartment).  I'm not opposed to it, but I'm not going to pay for it.  At work when I have a Dr. Pepper, I put the empty can in the recycle bin.  However, my "contribution" to recycling is to not use a lot of paper products in the house.  I don't remember the last time I bought paper plates.  While I do use napkins and paper towels, I don't feel like I use them in excess.  Today I was going to eat an orange and went for a paper towel to put the rind in, but then I realized I could just as easily put it on a plate that I could wash.  I also don't use a lot of baggies when I make my lunch.  I more often put my chips or vegetables in Tupperware containers.  I don't use recyclable bags at the grocery store, either.  I like the plastic bags because I use them in my little trash cans at home.  I often go through the self checkout so that I can bag my own groceries and put more than two items in each bag, but otherwise I definitely use plastic bags.

I also think it is interesting when I go into public restrooms.  While it's not exactly the same as recycling, I think it's interesting what companies choose to make automatic and what they don't.  Have you ever been in a public restroom that has everything automatic?  Usually you have automatic flush toilets and automatic paper towels, but you might have to turn on the water on your own.  Or they might have the automatic sink and soap dispenser, but you have to get your paper towels on your own.  No connection to the previous topic really, but these two things have been on my mind. :)

So, what is the recycling thing that you are passionate about?

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