Monday, March 9, 2015

Memories: cassette tapes...Walkman...cousins

Tonight I was driving home and I heard a song on the radio that immediately transported me back to somewhere around 1990/1991, probably Christmas 1990.  I have blogged before about how powerful music is and how easily memories come back when certain music comes on.  You probably don't really care about my memory, unless you are me or my cousin Carin, but I've also told you before that this is my blog and I can do what I want :)

Let me set the stage.  My cousin Carin is about 4 months older than me.  We were inseparable growing up.  When I moved to Georgia, we wrote page upon page of letters back and forth for many years.  So, I'm guessing this was a Christmas break memory.  We were lying on the living room floor in her home, and we were listening to her new cassette tape (yes, we had those) on her Walkman (some people might have to look up what a Walkman is...don't worry, I'll wait for you).  Over and over again.  Whitney Houston's album "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and the song by the same title.  There was a fast part at the end of the song that we were trying to get word perfect.  We had the headphones on and had the lyrics in front of us (from the flap in the cassette tape, not from any lyric website on the Internet).  Over and over we would listen to it until we finally got it.  Success.

It's a great memory and I am so glad I have those memories to look back on.

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