Monday, January 4, 2016

Casual words that mean so much

Yesterday was my first day back after missing two weeks of church.  I was ready to sit and listen to God speaking.  I was rushed and working off too little sleep.  But I was ready to hear from God.  It's amazing what the new year stirs up in me.  A new focus in so many ways.  A new start to the same old thing that I've been doing week after week.  It's almost like a reset.  And so, I wanted to come to church and reset my expectations and focus.  That being said, I was still distracted.  I was looking around to see who I could see while I should have been singing to the Lord.  I was reading my bulletin when I should have been listening to announcements.  But then Don got up for the prayer.  I'll be honest, sometimes it's hard for me to focus when someone else is praying.  My mind often gets distracted.  And it was no different this time as I tried to focus on the words of the prayer.  And then he prayed something along these lines, "Even when we are desiring change in our own lives, we can remember that the Lord's love is steadfast and unchanging."  Life is all about change, and I get that.  But these words struck deep in my soul.  The Lord is our Rock.  He is unchanging.  He is sure in troubled times.  His love for me is steadfast.  I don't always like change, but I do desire change in many areas of my life, and many of those areas were struggles for me in 2015.  So, Don's prayer was just what I needed.  And the words have stuck with me even a day later (which is kind of unusual for me.  I am the person that often says, "That was a great sermon, but couldn't really tell you what the sermon was about.).  May the Lord remind me and you of His steadfast love this week.

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