Thursday, January 7, 2016

The rest of my Christmas Break with the family

Most of my Christmas break was spent relaxing, not getting dressed for the day, no make-up, playing, reading, and lots of other low-key shenanigans.
Several days were warm enough that I could go for a walk in just a light jacket.  Kind of crazy at the end of December in Illinois.
Cats bundled up on beds.  Tabitha loves the Buzz blanket just as much as I do.
Building Legos.
Playing games.  I love the expression on my brother's face.  Is he bored?  Stressed?  Worried his battleship is going to get blown up?  A very intense game of Electronic Battleship!

Coloring.  My mom got two coloring books for Christmas, and I kind of hijacked them (with permission).  And decided to buy some of my own.
More Legos with John.  He got several Jurassic World sets.
Playing.  My brother laid some new flooring in the dining room.  Michael really liked the floor and made it his own playroom the rest of the week.
ZuZu was tired of playing but wanted everyone to know that they couldn't play with her toy while she rested.  Such a cute little pup.
A rare Bucky siting.  Of all the comfortable places he could relax in the house, he chose to lay on the floor and rest against Mom's purse.

That's my trip to my Mom's house in 10 pictures of less!

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