Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cookie Making Extravaganza

Somewhere along the line, someone at some point in time, decided that making lots of Christmas cookies was a good idea. I've never really been sure why the holidays equals baking, but it does. And our family did our fair share.

Our first endeavor was to make spritz cookies.  My mom borrowed my great grandmother's cookie press and bought a new one as well.  I  must say, the old cookie press worked much better than the new one.

John and Michael used the new one to make Christmas trees, and I made the old one to make wreaths.

Who wouldn't have fun making cookies with a kid with that face?!

The next cookie making experience was to decorate sugar cookies.  Lots of frosting.  Lots of sprinkles.  Lots of licking of fingers, spoons, knives.  Lots of fun.

We made a pirate!
My mom is quite the artist!
I was trying to get Michael to show me his messy fingers and face, but he kept covering his face.

The finished results.

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