Monday, January 19, 2009

Lessons I Learned from Growing A Prince

Sorry the last of the prince pictures took so long to get on here. I took a slight hiatus from the blogging world, mine included. Sometimes I just feel like I need some distance from things that I seem to get addicted to. I DON'T have to read 10 blogs a day to fill my time. There are plenty of other things I can be doing. Just a lesson I need to keep learning! : )

Here are the last of the pictures: Day 3. 7:45am. You can definitely tell he has grown since the night before. His pants are now above the pink line.6:18pm. Officially 2 hours before the 72 hour mark. I can't tell if he grew any more that day or if I took the picture at a slightly different angle.

7:43am the day after. I left him in the water for an extra 12 hours than I was supposed to. Officially, because I was too lazy to empty the water. Unofficially because I wanted to give him every opportunity to reach his full potential! : )

So, here are the things I learned while growing a prince:

*The process was much different than I had expected. Do you know he doesn't come out of the egg he grew in?!
*My prince is rubber. Never thought I would have a rubber prince.
*He didn't grow quite as large as I had anticipated "fully grown" to be.
*I never expected him to become "real." (that's just in anticipation of someone thinking I was trying to replace God's timing in bringing me a man into my life in the future!)
*I enjoyed the process. I liked checking on his growth every morning when I woke up and every evening when I got home from work. And I liked being able to document for you guys the entire process.
All that being said, this was a very fun and unique Christmas gift. Thanks Kari for thinking of me!

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