Monday, September 7, 2009

Another crazy dream!

Friday night I went to see "All About Steve", the new movie with Sandra Bullock in it. When asked what I thought about the movie, I replied "It was really horrible. But super funny." I can understand why the critics gave it really bad ratings, and yet, I was not disappointed that I went. Anyway, not the point of the post. During the movie, the main character and her two friends encounter a tornado and have to hide in a drain pipe. That night I had a dream that Kari, Kinsey, and I were on a really big bridge over a lot of water and all of a sudden a tornado was coming. Except we had no where to hide and no time to get away. The tornado hit the car but it just kind of shook it and then we were okay.

Then last night I had another tornado dream! This time a bunch of us were at Brooke's parents' house (which several of us were for a bonfire last night), except it wasn't really her parents' house (this is common in my dreams, where the place is completely different but I know it is a familiar place to me). We were outside and all of a sudden we saw a huge tornado and we had to go into her parents' basement, which ironically was like a big cave under the house :). We all made it and the dream changed from there.

These tornado dreams, while strange, haven't been a complete surprise to me. When I was younger I used to have tornado dreams on a fairly regular basis. Most of the time in the dreams as the tornado was coming, there would be no where to hide, so I would have to dig some sort of hole or sit in a ditch and the tornado would just go over me. There was always some fear involved that the tornado was going to get me, but there was never any casualties of the tornado or devastation to the places around me.

So, like I've said before, where is a good dream interpreter when I need one?!

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Mom said...

Does this mean you don't like bad storms? I think it means something that no one ever gets hurt. It shows your survival instincts.