Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scripture Saturday

I'm thinking I might start blogging on Saturdays about what I have learned in the Word during the week. Maybe not every Saturday, but some Saturdays. I am learning that when I don't have a busy Saturday it is a good time for reflection.

This week (through Thursday) I am finishing up the Beth Moore study of Esther. It has not been my favorite Beth Moore study, but I have really enjoyed digging into this book of the Bible and learning more about the history of the times and the character of Esther. The most interesting part of the book of Esther is that in the 10 chapters, God is never mentioned. But the one thing Beth is teaching is that just because His name is not expressly stated does not mean that He is not all over the pages of this book.

I have also been reading a book called Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges. Don't worry, it's not a book about the sins we can respect, because there are no such sins. But it is a book about the sins that we as Christians tolerate in our lives, even while we look at the more unacceptable sins in others' lives with contempt (which, I learned this week, is a form of the more acceptable sin of pride). So, to say this book has been kicking me in the behind would be an understatement. I have been convicted to read some of the chapters the day after I read them because once I read the chapter, I often see the sin more clearly in my life. In one word "YUCK!" Sin is yucky. I also get convicted because I don't want to pick up the book and be even more convicted, so I choose to read something else instead! I would highly recommend this book to my readers, but with the warning that if you are not ready for God to be working in your life, you should not read it.

Lastly, some of you knew that I had been working to memorize the book of Colossians. This week, I realized that I am done! A couple of weeks ago, I finished memorizing through the book, but wanted to continue to review it so that I knew I had it down pretty well. I think I can get through the whole book with only one or two helps. So, then my mind went to the question “What should I do next?” I’ve been contemplating memorizing a psalm or another one of Paul’s books. But I think I made the decision to tackle James next. I am very excited and plan to sit down with some index cards today so that I can be ready to memorize. My prayer is that I won’t neglect my review of Colossians so that I don’t forget it. I have also been reading the John MacArthur commentary on Colossians which has really reinforced what I have memorized. The joy of memorizing Scripture is the chance to really meditate on it as you are memorizing and be able to recognize themes in the writing and work to apply it to your own life. One of my favorite verses from the memorization is 3:10, which says that we are “being renewed in knowledge in the image of [our] Creator.” The more I learn, the more I reflect the image of Christ to others!

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