Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things that make you question your eyesight

This is the cell phone bill I got in the mail yesterday. There is so much to say about this. But let's add up the stupidity first:
1. they had to pay to print my three page bill
2. they had to pay to mail me the bill
3. if I choose to mail in my payment, I would be spending money on the check, a stamp, and the ink in my pen
4. if I choose to pay over the phone, they will be paying the processing fee for my credit card

what are the chances that if I don't pay it, I will get a late fee added, bringing my total to 25.01?

Have I mentioned how ridiculous I think this is???!


Mom said...

I would send one penny in the envelope. Yes it is very insane. But, one of my sales people shipped to a customer and the invoice was for 30 cents. I said, seriously? This will cost more to process than it is worth. Told him to ship at no charge. But, nope, he wanted to bill the customer. Oh, well! What can you do?

Peppermint0984 said...

I wish my phone bill only cost $0.01!