Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthday Evening

I had a very relaxing day today. I slept in, had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, read a book, read all my wonderful birthday wishes on Facebook (as they came in), opened presents, had a friend over for lunch and Dominion, and ended the day in my normal Monday way...with softball, except with a few perks :)! Strawberry cupcakes compliments of my roommate (Danell, she ran out of frosting for two cupcakes and I told her it would be okay, that if you were at the game, you would eat a non-frosted one :) )
Softball. It turned out to be a beautiful evening. There was a chance of rain all day, so I was really sad because I assumed it would actually rain. Boy, was I wrong!

Hold a baby. Hudson slept almost the whole game in my lap :)
I know, adorable.
And Taylor too :)
There were lots of other people at the games too. But I had a baby in my lap, so I couldn't venture out to take other pictures.

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