Friday, July 30, 2010

A Literal Birthday Month

Today marked a grand day in my life :). It was the day we chose to celebrate my birthday at work!! A little late, yes, but still in the birthday month time frame, so it was okay. Apparently, moving to a new building the day after my birthday put a little damper on having time to celebrate a birthday. I assured everyone that I did not was all within the realm of who I am, and the longer I can celebrate, the better. (In case you were wondering, we went to the Dynasty Buffet. Sometime around January I announced at a team meeting that I knew exactly where I wanted to go for my birthday lunch and that we wouldn't have to stress over the decision when the time came. In case you weren't wondering, I'm just curious...why do you read my blog anyway?! :) It's all in the details.)

Now, in my birthday card from my aunt, she promised ice cream for my birthday when we are on vacation. Technically, that will be the week after my birthday month. But would I deny her the pleasure of buying me an ice cream cone? Of course not. That would be silly!

Plus, one year, I celebrated a birthday season. Two friends had ideas for birthday presents that took a little planning and I don't think I actually finished my birthday season until November. Definitely didn't complain that time either.

So, the conclusion I have come to is this...while my birthday is the day to celebrate my birth, it really doesn't inflate my ego at all to celebrate me all year long. Go ahead, celebrate...I won't object!


Mom said...

Since my birthday is in 2 months, can we start celebrating now? Any the visual verification doesn't always show up to leave a comment!

Ann said...

My 1/2 birthday is in November, which is right around the corner, so can we celebrate that at the beach too? :)