Sunday, July 18, 2010

Insert Clever Title Here

A lot has been happening with me, but it's either
a) stuff that isn't that interesting
b) stuff I haven't fully processed yet
c) stuff I don't really want to talk about or
d) stuff I can't universally talk about for all the world to read (because my blog is definitely read by hundreds of people all over the world?)

I like to pretend commit to things before I actually commit to things :). So a couple weeks ago, after my trial run in my head, I officially committed to directing the TnT girls in AWANA this year. I love the AWANA ministry. When I lived in Georgia I was a listener in Sparks for a year. Then my last year in Texas I directed Cubbies (which it was a small program so I basically led the Cubbies class). Since being in Peoria I have worked with the TnT girls, which is 3rd-6th grade. I started off as a listener for the 3rd grade girls, which means I listen as they say their verses each week. I moved up with them to 4th grade and became the room leader, which was the same as listening except I also did prayer requests. Then I moved with them to 5th grade. That year I would fill in every once in a while for Kimberly who was the director if she needed me to hand out awards and dismiss the girls after game time. Last year, I became co-director, which basically meant following Kimberly around and doing things she needed me to do (not really, but for the most part). Well, Kimberly is pregnant this year, so she announced at the end of the year that she would not be directing next school year. She told me I should take the director position. I played a game for a few months where I would say "If I become director next year..." and everyone would say, "you mean when you become director..." Long story...I know...but I finally made the commitment. I am still hoping for someone to co-direct with me because I think it is daunting to do it all on my own. I am excited for the year to start, but also a little anxious. We have a directors meeting this week, so I'm about to hit the ground running trying to figure all this stuff out! Be in prayer for me, for the girls who will be coming each week, and for the changes that will probably happen due to the transition (Kimberly and I worked well together but have very different personalities!)

More to come later, I'm sure, on this topic and on other things I'm processing and other news that will crop up along the way....

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