Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Satisfying some curiosity

Apparently, Sunday's blog entry sparked some curiosity and some strong opinions :). But shouldn't all blogs do that? No? Oh, sorry.

Here is some fill in information:
The stuff I don't really want to talk about: I moved buildings at work at the beginning of July. It wasn't fun. I'm still getting used to it. Thus, I don't want to talk about it. (Is that better, Todd?)

Stuff I'm processing: This could also fit into the category "stuff that isn't really my information to share" so I'm still going to leave that one alone for right now. I'll peak your curiosity even more by saying that I love roller coasters, but I'll be ready to get off of this one!

Stuff that isn't that interesting: I had a spider that lived on my car for two days. Every time I went out, the web was built between my mirror and the car door. It became a game to see if I could throw the spider from the car. :) The web would really get to blowing, but the spider kept managing to swing itself over to the mirror and crawl behind it until I stopped the car again and it would build it's web all over again. I was kind of sad to not see the web on Sunday when I went out to my car.

Stuff that I can't universally talk about: hmmm, nope, still not going to go there :)

I'm assuming this didn't really satisfy anyone's curiosity but it was fun to elaborate in my own special way.


Todd said...

Ummm…no, that’s not better. I initially wrote a much longer response, but decided to just say count it all joy James 1:2 and do all things without complaining Phil 2:14.
The longer response had a lot of complaining

Stephanie said...

"The web would really get to blowing..."

Is that the Georgia girl in you or the Texas girl in you saying that? I'm pretty sure they don't use that kind of grammar in Illinois. :)

Teresa said...

Todd, part of the reason I haven't blogged about it is because I shouldn't be complaining about it, so I've taken the higher road.