Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas in November? Why not!

Today was my Sunday School Christmas party. I'm really glad that whoever planned it planned early.  December is always such a crazy month, so November 30th wasn't a bad idea at all.  We went to Maria's in Washington for dinner.  I really enjoyed my pot roast!  There was good conversation, and I got to know several people who sit on the other side of the room from me in class! :)  We are such creatures of habit.  At the end of dinner, we had a surprise visit from Santa Claus!  We got presents and got to sit on Santa's lap.

Santa got me a squeaky bike horn! :)  It was hilarious to see what some people got.  We had a good time.  Fun trivia.  Good food.  Great conversation.  And Santa!  Who could ask for more?

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