Sunday, February 17, 2013

What are you going to dream about tonight?

About a month ago, I was having dinner at Joe and Ginger's house.  Ginger was talking about going to get her hair cut, and since we get our hair cut by the same person, who is a friend of ours, I was telling her about a dream I had about Brooke.  I had a dream that I was at her place to get my hair cut, but I needed to shower before she cut my hair.  And while I was in the shower, I also decided I needed to shave my legs (always important to have shaved legs when you get your hair cut!).  But because I was shaving my legs, I was running behind for my appointment, so I decided to just shave one leg.  When I went out to where she was, she was putting her wedding pictures into albums while she was waiting for me.  I apologized for running behind.  She said, "No problem, but we'll have to hurry because I'm cutting a king's hair after you and you have to be gone before the processional comes."  And it was all said like it was a normal occurrence that she cut a king's hair.

So, while I was telling Joe and Ginger about the dream, I didn't even think Taylor and Hudson were listening.  But all of a sudden Taylor says, "She cut a king's hair?  That's so funny!"  And for the rest of the night, Taylor and Hudson would say, She cut a king's hair!" and start laughing hysterically. :)

Fast forward to last night, I went over to their house for games but went a little early to have dinner.  As soon as I walked into the house, Taylor started laughing and said, "She cut a king's hair!"  And as I was talking to her, she got really close, and with great excitement and inflection in her voice said, "What do you think you are going to dream about tonight?!"  I tried not to laugh because, in truth, there really is no telling what I might dream about!

And then I woke up today and thought of her because I had dreamed some pretty interesting dreams.  One was about eating at a five star (except I think it was a ten star) restaurant in my college town that was on campus, but was really just an off-the-beaten-path kind of restaurant.  And the other was about moving to my new building at work, except a lot of the people I was sharing office space with were my friends and not my actual coworkers.  Not as funny as cutting a king's hair, but still memorable! 

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Teresa said...

Sara Duran: We ask that question every night before bed. "what are you going to dream about tonight?" The answers are always interesting and a small window into what the other person is thinking about.