Friday, April 19, 2013

A Little Bit Blessing...a Little Bit of Silliness

It's kind of like "A little bit Country...a little bit Rock n Roll." Isn't that how the saying goes? Anyway, I've got two random things but decided to put them in one post. That's all I'm really trying to get at in my title today.

First things first, I thought it was a good time to do an update on my blessings jar.  Here is a side view of the jar, so you can see the pile up of almost four months of blessings:
I have to admit that I had gotten into the bad habit of not filling out a card a day.  I would rely on memory, usually on Sunday evening, to fill out blessings from the week. I'm trying to remedy that because it was not quite the purpose of the jar and there would be days I would skip because I wasn't really sure what happened on that day.  So, this past week, I've tried to be good about thinking and writing my blessing at the end of the day.  It is still such an encouraging activity for me to participate in because some days I've had several blessings to add.  The Lord is at work in my life every day, I just have to recognize it.

Now for the silly...I will be the first to admit that I am not at all technological.  So, this story does not really surprise me at all.  I have had an iPod for about 5 years. Most of the time I keep it in my work bag because then if I'm at my desk doing paperwork, I can listen to music.  It helps when the office is too quiet and it helps when there are too many people in the office to easily distract me.  One of the most irritating things to me is when I charge it at night and go to use it in the morning and it has lost all its charge because it bumped something in my bag and played overnight.  This morning when I got in my car, I checked the charge because I knew I wanted to use it at work today and the battery was almost dead after I just charged it yesterday.  Grrr...  So I said to myself, "I wish there was some case I could put it in to keep this from happening.  Or a setting on it that would lock it.  How stupid that they didn't think of this."  As soon as I said the thought to myself, I thought, "Wait a minute..."  I've totally forgotten about the lock button at the top of the iPod all these years.  Oops...sorry Apple, for calling you stupid!  Maybe that can be my blessing for the day :)

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