Sunday, July 7, 2013

Birthday Mini Golf

For my birthday this year, I went mini golfing with some friends and had dessert at my house. I always forget how much I enjoy mini golf. I think it is because it is something that doesn't take any talent. I am such an inconsistent mini golfer. One hole I can get 10 on (except the most you can score is usually a 6) and the next I might get a hole in one. I didn't take very good pictures because I was too busy beating everyone! I actually was surprised that I won, and I didn't win by much. And they didn't even let me win, I did it all on my own.

My ball was nice and clean by the end of the game.  It spent a lot of time in the water.  If there was a hole with a water hazard, my ball found the water!
Like this one above.  My ball actually made it onto the green which was an island, but I hit it too hard and it went off the island on the other side into the water.  But remember, I still won...
Kinsey was a trooper because she doesn't really enjoy mini golf, but she likes me and wanted to celebrate my birthday with me.
Just before we left, I asked a lady to take our picture with the gorilla.  She was less than thrilled, as evidenced by how far away she is from us and that the gorilla was not facing the camera.  We had to turn to face her.  I wish I had some photo shop capabilities on my camera because when you zoom in, this picture is actually a really good one.

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