Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mission Peoria, Night 2

Dad, Amy, Daynah, Josh, and 8 kids from the Acres are here this week for Mission Peoria. This is the third year they have been here and I have fallen into a kind of pattern with the week. I work during the day and spend the evenings at the church with the kids and Dad and Amy.
This first picture is from the first song the praise band did tonight. It's really cool because Andy, Ethan, and Clay King are all playing the drums.  Andy on the left, Ethan in the center, and Clay on the right. 

This banner says "Mission Peoria." The kids have the opportunity to come up and write prayer requests on it during worship.
The speaker presented the gospel in "words with friends" style.  Through Adam and Eve, all mankind was cursed.
But God provided Jesus as the cure for our sin problem.
Jesus rescued us by dying on the cross for our sins.
And through Jesus we can have security.

A very cool word picture that is easy to remember.

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