Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm just here for the funnel cake

Tonight I went to the local carnival with the family.  I told Ann my t-shirt should have read "I'm just here for the funnel cake."  Last year, the first ride Ann and John wanted to ride was the teacups.  I thought, "Hey, this is a kid ride.  No problem."  After the teacups, Mom had to take me home and it took me 4 days to recover.  When we were leaving this year, I told John, "No matter what I say, DO NOT let me ride the teacups."  So, when he was in line, I jokingly asked if I could ride with him and he said, "Sure."  :)  It was fun to follow the kids around and watch their faces as they rode.  Michael loved all the rides he was able to go on.  And I loved my funnel cake.  Actually, I was a little depressed watching everyone else ride because I miss being able to ride.  But I refuse to chance the sick feeling I get just watching the rides.  The one thrill seeking thing I like to do, and my body won't let me do it anymore.  Sometimes it kind of stinks to get old.

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