Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunscreen mishap # 526 :)

Those who know me well, know that me and the sun do not get along.  I don't really tan, even if I do get an appropriate amount of sun.  I more just get a reddish tint.  Nothing golden for this body.  But rarely do I get an appropriate amount of sun.  So, sunscreen it is.  Saturday I went to John's t-ball game from 12-2.  I almost went without any sunscreen, but as I watched Ann lather John and Michael, I decided I should probably do something.  I didn't feel like trying to find any adult sunscreen, so I just used this stick that Ann has for the boys.  It literally looks like you're applying deodorant to yourself.  Apparently, I wasn't very methodical.  Saturday evening, this is what I discovered on my right hand/arm:

And my left arm:
The left arm is my favorite.  One whole strip that I missed.  It's like when you miss a portion of your leg shaving, except with sunscreen!

The redness definitely made me realize that it was a good thing that I wore sunscreen, because otherwise both my arms would be that red!

It reminded me of the time when I was 12 and I had a bathing suit that scooped in the back and I had my brother apply sunscreen.  He only applied it to the edge of the swimsuit instead of going slightly under the suit.  At the end of that day I had a burn line around the edge of my suit that looked like Africa.

And this is why I prefer to be indoors all summer long.

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