Sunday, June 29, 2014

Parrot Heads, Fins, Cheeseburgers, and Juicy Fruit

Chris, Ann, Mom, and I headed to Tinley Park on Saturday evening for a Jimmy Buffett concert.  We had lawn seats and were pretty excited to be at the concert.

During the course of the month leading up to the concert, I learned that it was one of my mom's dreams to go to a Buffett concert with her kids.  Yay for dreams realized!  And look how empty it was behind us when we first got our seats on the lawn.
This picture is horrible of me, but I was laughing too hard for Ann to take any other picture.  She had pulled out her phone and was joking about holding it up, and I said, "Watch this!" and pulled my flip phone out.  Haha!
"Chew a little Juicy Fruit...It's good for the soul."  Mom thought of everything!
Waiting for the concert to begin.
A beautiful sunset while we waited.
Just me and my mom.  And things are filling in behind us.
My brother thought he was going to take a nap before the show.
And it begins!!!!  I promise that is Jimmy Buffett way down there! :)
He had really cool backdrops for each song.
There were two guys in front of us that had these light up fins on their heads.  Chris and Ann said it made it easier to find us when they went for a bathroom break during the show.
See, there he is on the big screen.
Cheeseburger in Paradise!  "I like mine with lettuce and tomato..."
"Fins to the left...Fins to the right...and you're the only bait in town"
With a really cool shark background.  They just swam around like it was a great big tank.
This is a non-zoomed picture from our seats on the lawn.

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