Sunday, July 5, 2015

Today, my actual birthday!

My day started with an early wake up call from the Lord. Apparently He did not want me to miss a single moment of my birthday, so I was up at 6. Because of this I decided to go to first service, which is a rare occasion for me. As I was driving to church, I had the thought that it would be a great birthday surprise if we could sing "And Can It Be" which is my favorite hymn. I arrived to church a little late, and as I was walking in, guess what I heard coming from the sanctuary!!! I was sad to miss the first verse, but oh so excited to sing the rest. And, since the Lord woke me up early, I hung around after Sunday School so I could sing it in second service too! I didn't take very many pictures of my day. I almost snapped a picture during church just because I felt so blessed to be in church on my birthday. Sometimes, my actual birthday is a little of a let down because I am around people for the 4th and then sometimes am at home by myself most of my actual birthday.  But today, I got to celebrate my birthday amidst my church family.

After church, Emily and Sarah and I went to Red Robin for lunch.  Yummy!

And the rest of the day, I relaxed on the couch.  And refused to do anything productive.

This evening, I got a surprise visit from friends that included flowers!  I love my friends!
And my presents included pictures from my nephews:
John is the best artist ever!  I love the details that he includes in his pictures.  And he knows that I love turtles, so all of the art I get has turtles in it.
And Michael is a great colorer for a 3 1/2 year old!  Which makes my heart proud!
Have I mentioned that I have great friends and family.  Who love to humor me and my love for my birthday.

I took tomorrow off, so my birthday weekend continues a little relaxation and more free birthday food.  I think tomorrow is going to be free fries from Wing Stop.  And I'm going to get a free adjustment at the chiropractor, because even the chiropractor likes to celebrate my birthday!

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