Saturday, July 4, 2015

Birthday Extravaganza-ness

As this card suggests, it's the beginning of the birthday posts.  I thought this card was perfect, because I always talk about my birthday being a Birthday extravaganza.

We had a party last night to celebrate my birthday and Ben's birthday on July 2nd.  Lots of fun was had, but not always the kind of fun that you would think.  Because my friends and I always "party" a little differently.  Our first order of business was to work on a service project for VBS.  Because it's always more fun to serve together!

And we were done in record time!  Seriously, the project only took about ten minutes.  And then we moved on to dessert..  Picture ice cream, eclair dessert, peanut butter pie, and chocolate chip cookie pie.  A plate full of yumminess.  And our friends sang to us, because we have great friends!

And then we went on to games.  Since we were half celebrating my birthday, I suggested a game of Dutch Blitz/Peanuts/Nertz (whatever you want to call it).  My friends often just humor me in this game.  Or they gang up on me because they get frustrated that I often win.  I can't help it that I am good at multi-tasking. :)

After we had all worked up a sweat playing the game, we moved on to calmer games of Dominion and learning a new game, Splendor.

It was another great celebration of another birthday.  I have the best of friends!

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