Friday, December 19, 2008

And now an Ice Day

So, I was all set to go to work today. That is after the power returned at 7:00 and I had talked to at least 2 people who assured me the roads were fine. But my car didn't quite want to cooperate. I got it started and thawing, went out to scrape, gathered all my stuff, put the car in reverse, and went absolutely no where. Granted, I will admit, I didn't try very hard. But our parking spaces are on a slight decline from the parking lot, so without a push, I don't think I'm going anywhere. So, I turned my car off, gathered my stuff, and slipped and slid back to my apartment. Where I have been snugly kept all morning. I did get 3 hours of paperwork done and am hoping to do a telephone session with my scheduled clients this evening, otherwise I will just cancel them. My dad was going to come over to help but he is tied up at the school and I told him not to worry about it. There is nothing urgent enough at work to get done. So, anyone want to come watch a movie??

Speaking of movies, I made Emily watch (technically she volunteered) my favorite Christmas movie. It is a made for TV movie called "The Night They Saved Christmas". After much research last night, I discovered that it was made in 1984, although I also discovered that my recorded copy is from 1994. Emily said it was the BEST movie she had ever seen (not really, but she's not here to say I'm wrong!). A few years ago I made my friend Danell watch it and she declared it the WORST movie she had ever seen and was very sad that she would never be able to redeem the time she spent watching it! I guess when you don't watch 80s movies in the 80s they don't quite live up to your expectations!

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The May Family said...

I thought that was a good movie. It was on tv just this week!! Have a Merry Christmas!