Monday, December 22, 2008

Things Teresa has learned today:

1. There are many random stories/comments that are not appropriate for my blog considering my readership. Which is a bummer, because some of them are pretty funny. If you're curious, just call, you might be one of the lucky ones they are appropriate for!

2. God must not want me to meet my client-contact hours. I am currently lacking 24 client contact hours. I probably got around 5 more today. I'm working to see clients tomorrow and then am done for the month. It is supposed to pour more snow from that big beautiful sky tomorrow. Even if I get to see my scheduled clients, I would only get another 5 hours tomorrow. Yep, my math isn't quite working either.

3. I miss my roommate when she's not around and 10 minutes to throw-up 3 days worth of information/stories is NOT enough!

4. Apple cider is really good.

5. Avoiding paperwork is even better.

6. I finally figured out where babies come from. Just kidding! I already knew that!


Anonymous said...

I miss you too! 10 minutes definately is not enough! If it snows enough from the big beautiful sky, you will be stuck watching christmas movies or gilmore girls all day with me!

Ashley said...

you are silly

Peppermint0984 said...

If you're bored, you can call me. :)