Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Secret Santa

We are doing Secret Santa this week at work. It is always fun. We give a gift a day for a week and then Secret Santas are revealed at the work Christmas lunch on Friday. Here is what I've gotten so far:

Monday--a package of gel pens (the exact ones we used to be able to order that I used to write my notes with that we can't order anymore and I miss so much!)
Tuesday--a can of Dr. Pepper and a box of Reese's Pieces
Wednesday--a snowman mug with hot chocolate inside

I have had so much fun this year. Last year my office mates and I told each other who we had, but it has been fun this year because we keep saying things like, "when I give my person a gift..." and we give each other looks like if you share with me who you have then I'll share with you who I have, but neither is willing to be the first to tell! It's great fun. The most stressful part for me is at lunch we have to try to guess who had our names. I don't know why this is stressful to me, but it is! I am normally way off on who it is, but I try not to figure it out throughout the week because then it's no fun! I'll let you know what I get the last two days.


Anonymous said...

Your gifts sound perfect for you! How fun. We're doing an edible gift exchange next week and we can steal gifts. It's called a Grinch exchange! Can't wait. :)


Anonymous said...

Who was your secret santa?