Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I forgot a funny story

So, while on a break during jury duty, the women kept coming out of the bathroom saying there were no paper towels. When I went into the bathroom, I noticed that there were, in fact, paper towels in the dispenser, but that the dispenser was jammed. When I went back into the break room, I said as much. We then started discussing what could be done about it. I told them that I tried to fix it but that a) you need some type of key to get the dispenser open, and b) truthfully, I was too short to get much leverage to try to fix the dispenser. We then went back into the court room. When we were leaving for the day, all filing out of the courthouse, I stopped to put my umbrella up and the man behind me (one of my fellow jurors) said, "WOW! You are short!" I started laughing, but he just kept walking. The more I think about it, the less funny it is and the more offensive his remark was. I will choose to dwell on funny, though. After all, I could care less if he thinks I'm short.

And then I got to my client's house and realized I forgot half of the paperwork I needed to open the case. Sigh. Can't wait to here what I'm going to have to do to fix that!

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Mom said...

Just remember, sometimes it's nice to be short. I forgot you were on jury duty. How is that going? Will you have to serve all week? Hope it is an interesting case if you do!