Thursday, October 29, 2009

I sent someone to jail

Well, actually, as it turns out, he was already in jail. But I did help to keep him there. I and my fellow jury members, found the defendant guilty on 11 counts. Overall, I would have to say the experience was a positive one. If it wasn't for a stressful week the week before and the stress of not getting my hours at work by a long shot, I don't think I would have dreaded the experience as much as I did. But now that it's over, I would say, it was kind of interesting. I learned some things that I didn't know before, so that's always good. And I got paid to read a book for most of the day on Monday.

I called my brother yesterday to tell him a little bit about the case because the whole time the officers were being questioned, he kept coming to mind. The case I heard was for an act that was committed at 3am in 2005. So, I realized that my brother works 2nd shift and responds to similar calls all the time. It made me think a little differently about his job. So I called him to tell him that. We don't talk on the phone very often, so I think he thought it was a little weird. But as a little sister, isn't it my right to be a little weird?! :)


Mom said...

You should talk to your brother more often. It does the heart good! I love you!!!

The May Family said...

Hey girl, I need your address! Can you hook me up? Love your blog...and I agree with your mom!