Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scripture Saturday

My mom has been pressuring me to blog. :)

Today I was finishing up some things out of Ephesians 1:1-14 which we studied for Bible study last week. Looking at the passage as a whole again, I am struck by several phrases.

"In Him" or "In Christ" is used 8 times in these 14 verses. When I memorized Colossians, one of my favorite verses was one that say, "your life is now hidden with Christ in God." Because I know Christ as my Savior, I am no longer viewed as myself but as myself through Christ. My sins are covered over so that God only sees the pure, faultless Lamb! What an amazing concept!

Second, the phrase, "to the praise of His glory" is used twice. Those who are the first to trust in Christ should be to the praise of the glory of God. And we are marked with a seal in the Holy Spirit who is a guarantee of our inheritance which is to come, to the praise of God's glory. Everything we have and everything we are is to be a praise to the glory of God. God is always seeking His glory, even in a simple life like my own. It makes me ask the question, "what have I done today/this week/this year to bring God glory and praise?"

Last, the phrase, "according to His good pleasure" is used twice. Very similar to that mentioned above. God made known to us, through Christ and through His word, the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure. He also predestined us to adoption as sons by Christ according to the good pleasure of His will. Again, He brought us to Himself and revealed Himself to us in order to bring Himself pleasure and glory! That tells me that I am precious to Him, more so than I am precious to anyone else!

And now for the rest of my life. It has been an interesting couple of weeks. I ended up home sick all weekend and only worked a half day on Monday. I also ended up going to the doctor, so that bill will be coming soon. Just as I was feeling better, I had one day with a HUMONGOUS headache. And Friday I had to say goodbye to my office mate and friend because it was her last day. I know I will still see her and will get to spend time with her precious baby, but it won't be the same as seeing her five days a week and sharing my work with her. I also had another trying week of seeing hardly any clients, partly because I was sick, partly because some of my clients were sick, and partly because some of my clients stood me up. All in all, at the end of the week, I had only billed 5 hours of client-contact (I am supposed to bill at least 16 per week). Yuck! It has to get better, at least that's what I keep telling myself!

So, I am trying not to dwell on that and trying to get some things done around the apartment today. It has gone okay, but I was a little bit too lazy this morning, so I am a little behind schedule. That is okay though, nothing on my agenda is urgent.

There, Mom, that's my update (and whoever else reads this but doesn't comment).

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Mom said...

Nice! Good to hear from you! I miss you when you don't post!