Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pictures as Promised

Finally, the pictures :) I'm sure you were all checking every day to see them. Either that or you're living busy lives, just as I am and you completely forgot that you never saw pictures of my trip. Either way, here they are. This is a part of the drive that I always love. I have no idea why, but it makes me happy the way the trees grow over the road like this.
These next several pictures are really out of order, but the first morning I was in Chicago, mom and I took John for a walk. In mom's apartment complex is a pond with ducks, so that's where we ended up. John, I think, is pointing at the ducks.
John in motion. Run, John, run!
John walking. He often swung his arms really wide while he was walking. Very cute!
"Big white ducks!" Or swans, but John preferred to call them white ducks.
"We forgot the bread?!" Mom said this to John once and he repeated for the whole walk.
More ducks over there.
Surrounded by ducks. They weren't interested for long because we didn't have any bread.
This is John's concentrated face. We were coloring, but he found it more fun and entertaining to take the crayons in and out of the package.
So, that's all the pictures I have. I told you I didn't take very many. This was from the first morning we were there and then I never took out my camera again. If you knew how many cameras and pictures were actually taken over the course of the weekend, you would have left your camera in your purse too!
I was amazed at John's verbal skills for his age. I've been bragging on him a lot this last week, so most of you have probably already heard these stories. But I'm going to tell them anyway. John knows most of his colors. And by most, I mean that he even knows the secondary colors like pink and purple. He can count to ten with almost no help at all. He repeats EVERYTHING you say to him very clearly. He can recognize about a third of his alphabet. When he is just playing and he picks something up that has words on it, he will point and name the ones he knows. Apparently he gets his smartness from his aunt...


Vloggerlyfe said...

I love the pics, especially the one where the trees grow over the road, I want to go there! Whitney's Random Ideas

Mom said...

Very cute pictures! I am sure John gets his verbal skills from you! :)