Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa's Workshop

This is the present I got from one of my clients today: She got it from the Santa's Workshop at her school. Do you remember Santa's Workshop? I remember it being the best thing ever. You got to make a list of everyone you were buying gifts for and then you went shopping. The worst part was that everything was the greatest and you had a hard time deciding which $1 trinket would be the best and most perfect gift for each person on your list. And you couldn't wait to give them to the person. Man, those were the good ole' days! It made me think of this:

This is a rose ring that my younger brother bought for me several years ago at school. I remember opening it, paying more attention to the look on his face then what the present was. His statement after he watched me put it on? "I saw it and thought it was the perfect thing to get you!" How cute is that!

Two things to mention about these gifts as an adult:

1. My fingers are still a little too small for the adjustable rings. yikes!

2. Apparently all the rings are lethal. Whenever I wear the rose ring I have to be careful to keep it away from my face because it scratches really bad. The new ring has some sharp edges too.

3. Don't forget to actually wear them when you see the person who gave them to you. They will notice. :)

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Mom said...

Your ring is beautiful! How nice that your client thought to get you a gift!