Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chick-fil-a Take One; Chick-fil-a Take Two

Chick-fil-a opened in Peoria on Wednesday :). I don't know that you can comprehend my elation. Well, I guess if you think about a restaurant that you love that you can only have when you visit family because it is so far away. And then think about having that restaurant five minutes from your house. Comprehension! Here are photo memories of my Chick-fil-a experiences:
 This is a really bad picture of the day before they opened with some of the tents set up when people camped out for 24 hours to get a year of free food.
 Thursday morning of opening, I was getting ready for work and decided that I would surprise my coworkers with chicken biscuits.  Here I am at the drive through.
 There was only one car ahead of me.  In this picture I was trying to get the sign on the side of the building.  And I was trying to be quick about it so that I would have my money ready, although there wasn't anyone behind me, so I could have taken my time.
 The sign at the front of the building. :)
 Friday I was off of work, so I found some friends who could go for lunch.  At one point we had a kids table and an adult table, but then we felt guilty using up two tables, so we each had a kid on our laps.  In the background you can see all the people at the counter and the people who couldn't get in the door. It was crazy.  But the food was still good!  And the customer service was still amazing!
 Hudson was my table buddy.  One day we will get a picture with him smiling!
And for those of you wondering, I will not always be this excited about Chick-fil-a.  It is one of my favorite places to eat, but now that it is five minutes from my house, it will become just like any other place I like to eat at.  I won't talk about it all the time.  I won't be fixated on getting it when I go other places that have it.  You might never hear about it again.  :)  But I will still love it!

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