Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where, O death, is your victory?

On Sundays at church, my pastor is going through a series on the life of David.  Today, he preached about the death of Saul and how David mourned for Saul.  He focused on lessons we can learn considering the subject of death.  A few months ago, I heard on the radio something about the average person reaching the peak of their beauty at the age of 32.  As a 33 year old, I thought, "Oh great, now I have nothing to look forward to!" :)  There are many days that I feel really old.  Now, I know that those of you in your 60s reading this are thinking, "33 isn't old at all!  Wait till she's 60!"  But isn't it all about perspective.  I'm the oldest I've ever been, so it feels old.  I can look at the high schoolers and think, "Man, they don't know anything about being in their 30s!"  And to the 60 year olds, don't you think the 80 year olds are laughing at you when you say you are old?  But here is what I learned today about getting old and about death. 
1.  We cannot avoid death.
2.  Whatever God requires of us as we approach the end of our lives, He will provide the grace to go through it.
3.  We need not fear the day He has ordained for our death because, as a believer, death serves to introduce us to heaven.
4.  Death never has the final word for the believer because Christ overcame death for us.
5.  Our best days are yet to come!  Even if I feel old and my temporary body is wasting away (since I've already reached my peak :)!), Jesus overcame death and secured eternal life for me.  Because Christ died and rose again, all those who are in Him will die and be raised again.  I have something much more eternal to look forward to!

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