Monday, December 29, 2008

Proactive I am not

I try to be proactive. Taking care of things before they break, fall apart, expire, etc, is always in my best interest. But I don't feel the need or the push or the pressure until it's too late to be proactive. Yesterday was just another example.

I got a flat tire in Joliet. That's 45 minutes from my mom's house and 2 hours from Peoria. I was coming home from mom's after spending Christmas with her. I have been talking for about 1 1/2 months about how I need new tires, or need to have them rotated, or need someone to look at them. Last week I had a serious, one-step-closer talk with my dad but both of us were too busy to go. My car was really not doing well in all the snow and ice the last couple of weeks. In all seriousness, it was on my agenda to get new tires this week or next week. Well, as usual, I waited to long. Thus the flat tire that forced me to go today to get 4 brand new tires. They are so pretty (okay, I don't really think tires can be pretty, but you get the idea) and new and black (I ran out of ways to describe them after pretty and new!)

Did I mention I had to sit on the side of the road for two hours waiting for roadside assistance. Yep, my dad could have made it from Peoria to change my flat with as long as it took the guy who was already in Joliet. I know, most of you are saying I should know how to fix a flat. But, let's face it, I'm a girl. I'm pretty sure if I HAD to do it, I could. But I had free roadside assistance. And what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than on the side of the road. I passed the time by counting the number of cars that actually get over a lane when they see a car on the side of the road. I lost count after a while, but the number was surprisingly low. During a conversation with my mom she asked if there was anything she could do and I told her that she could have made me a boy so I could fix the tire by myself. I don't think she was amused. She was definitely in panic mode. In hind sight, I shouldn't have called her until after the flat was fixed and I was back on the road. Although she may have tried to call me before that happened because I was still on the side of the road when I should have been at home, and she normally calls when she knows I will be home to make sure I made it safely. I also jokingly called my brother to see if he knew any cops in Joliet who could come and help me. He didn't answer. Sheesh!

All in all it was an interesting experience. The first time I've gotten a flat while driving. Most of the time I find them in the morning before work or during work. I was surprised at how calm I was. I always assumed that in that circumstance I would be really freaked out and panicked. The only time I freaked out was when I had to get out of the car to unload all my Christmas presents from the truck so that when roadside assistance arrived they would be able to get to my spare. I didn't really want to announce to everyone driving by that there was a young single woman emptying lots of stuff out of her trunk. Because I admit, I would have gone into panic mode if anyone had stopped to help. I would automatically assume that it was someone who would hurt, not help, me.

Okay, I had no idea that I could ramble on this long about a flat tire. Sorry if I bored anyone. Really, I'm not because it was a fun story for me to tell!


Mom said...

I think new tires feel like driving on a cloud. I am glad you got that out of the way. Once again, sorry your trip ended on such a bad note. Hard for a mom not to worry when, yes, a scary situation arises. I am glad you are safely home!! Happy New Year!!!

Ashley said...

I'm very happy you are ok. That would be scary. I must say I am a tad disappointed that you didn't change it yourself. It is really easy to do. I will teach you next time I am home.

Hols said...

I would have been in the same boat as you were. THe last time I saw a tire changed was when John Palmer changed Claudia's tire in college and we all traipsed out there to watch and learn. Needless to say, I guess if you don't change one soon after you learn, it doesn't really help! All I remember is to make sure the jack is hooked to something and not something else (I don't remember which something) so that the jack actually lifts the car and doesn't just go through the car! Glad you're okay!

Anonymous said...

Funny story? I'm glad you see it with humor T! Glad you finally got some help. I do think tires can be pretty when they're new and shiney!! ;)