Monday, March 9, 2009

A Somewhat Planned Visit

After 3 years living in Illinois, my mom finally came to visit me! I was very excited to see her in my own environment. My aunt was travelling to Champaign to see her son and we met in Bloomington . Mom and I didn't do anything exciting. We went shopping, where I think I finally found a new pair of jeans that I like (it has been a year long process!). I picked up a gondola from Avanti's because I thought this was definitely something of Peoria I could share with her. Other than that I took her on a tour, showing her the major points of interest (work, apartment, Dad and Amy's house, the malls). Then we hung out at my apartment until my aunt called for us to meet her back in Bloomington. I was SO excited to have her come visit and hope she can come again soon.

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Mom said...

I had a great time visiting. I too am glad I finally saw "your environment." Hopefully next time it won't be raining. I love you!