Thursday, March 12, 2009

Without a Computer (sort of)

My computer is temporarily uninhabitable! Well, the computer works fine but the power cord went caput! I have known that it was on the verge of not working any longer, but of course I waited until it completely broke to attempt to replace it. Oh the joys of being a procrastinator. : ) I first discovered the problem when I had the cord plugged in and my computer died. I have checked all critical points of the cord, only to discover that everything was hooked up the way it should be. It was then that I discovered that the cord was beginning to expose some wires at the place where it hooks into the computer. My original solution was just to take the cord and wrap it over the screen and around my external linksys card, which for some reason made the cord work just fine, although I knew it was probably only a temporary fix. Boy am I smart! So, I am temporarily using my roommates computer (although she doesn't technically know yet!)

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