Friday, March 27, 2009

You asked for them!

Okay, so I narrowed the pictures down from 190 to 19 (actually 20 but I just accidentally erased one and don't feel like going back right now!) One of John's favorite things to do is play with blocks. He will dump the whole bucket over. He says blocks with a lot of "bllll" and tongue spitting, almost like Daffy Duck! This particular picture was cute because he had positioned the lid just right so that he could put the blocks away one at a time underneath the lid!
And of course a cute foot picture!
We went to the GA aquarium on Saturday. John seemed a little overwhelmed. I think he had fun, but I don't think he ever cracked a smile! This is him pointing after being asked "Where's the fish?" Goofing off with Grandpa!
Walking with Dad. I LOVE these pictures!
Walking with Dad and Grandpa. Three generations!
Ride 'm cowboy!
Just hangin' out at the park!
What's in your shoe Dad?
I still don't see it!
Hanging out with Aunt T.
Knock. Knock.
Catching a breather after climbing to the top slide. Give me five!
Down the slide we go! Yippee!
When he gets really excited he arches his back and sticks out his tummy. This picture doesn't do it justice, but I promise it's really cute!
Close up self portrait!
So, ZuZu, do you really want me to throw the ball, or can I just hang on to it?
Just me and my dog! Josh was actually way back in the woods and it was everything I could do not to get John and the dog to go after him! But they were both obeying the "Stay" command very well! : )

Yummy Juice!

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Mom said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! I loved seeing them and can't wait for my visit!