Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Appreciating the Little Things

I bought a loaf of bread on Sunday and have thoroughly enjoyed eating peanut butter and jelly on fresh bread. As a single person, I don't often have fresh bread. It takes me a while to go through a loaf, so after a week or so, I stop eating bread and only eat toast or grilled things. And then eventually I throw away a quarter to half a loaf of moldy bread. So, I have to enjoy the freshness while I can!

I also saw a fox cross the road today on my way to see a client! It stopped just before entering a cornfield and turned and watched me drive by. I so wish I had had a way to get a picture of it!

I only have one more day of work this week!!! I have two clients on vacation, so I decided that if I could fit all of my clients into three days, why not?! I'll probably do some paperwork on Thursday, but won't have to go into work.

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Mom said...

Lucky you that your week is almost over. My "appreciating the little things" is: On a Skype call last night, John said, "Love you Gramma." Now that just made my heart melt. Chris said it was the first time they heard him say that.